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Influential doctors pushing OMA and province to get back to bargaining table


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Top Ontario physicians endorse five principles to guide future negotiations with the province


Press release, 14 September 2016


Diverse Physician Leaders Outline a Way Forward in Negotiations with the Ontario Government

TORONTO (September 14, 2016) — A group of doctors from across Ontario and across medical specialities released a joint letter today outlining key principles which they hope can lead to a constructive way forward in the contentious negotiations between physicians and the Government of Ontario.

Ontario’s doctors turned down a tentative Physician Services Agreement (PSA) on August 15, 2016. Since then, many physicians have been concerned about creating a path toward a stable PSA, that also bolsters public confidence in continued delivery of accessible and quality care for patients.

Specifically, this group of doctors prescribed the following principles as the basis for a fair PSA for all Ontario’s doctors:

  • A unified voice for the medical profession at the bargaining table through the OMA
  • A fair and binding arbitration process to resolve compensation disputes, instead of government unilateralism
  • A medical profession engaged in system stewardship, willing to work jointly with a reasonable and respectful governmental partner that acknowledges the complexity of utilization increases, rather than simply offloading responsibility onto physicians.
  • A commitment to fairly and transparently addressing inequities in physician compensation
  • A restatement of the profession’s commitment to the principle of equity

Doctors across Ontario are invited to review and to sign the letter by visiting the website at

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